Does your company have a policy on blogging?


The Telegraph Business Club website is an excellent resource which I haven’t, until now, made regular use of. Having performed a quick search, I found an article about a topic which is near the top of my “to be reseearched” list… namely, about blogging…specifically, it discusses what employers should be doing to advise employees about blogging activity…

Does your company have a policy on blogging?

“A new survey by workplace experts Croner has revealed that more than a third of ‘blogging employees’ are posting information about their employer, workplace or colleagues on personal blog sites.
The survey, carried out for Croner by YouGov, asked employees about whether or not they kept a personal blog. Of those who responded and said that they did, 39pc admitted that they had posted details, which could be potentially sensitive or damaging about their place of work, employer or a colleague.

A blog is the posting of a personal website based diary on the internet. These postings can be viewed potentially by anyone, anywhere in the world, and because the postings are archived, may be accessible for some time afterwards. Blogging although a burgeoning state in the UK, carries a far greater risk for both employers and employees now than in future years. That is why Croner is advising businesses to consider now the potential impact blogging may have on their business.  

[full article available :- ]

So, in summary, blogging is here … employers and employees need to be aware of what is appropriate and what is not …

In my opinion, blogging is no longer just the domain of the “personal diary” and is rapidly becoming part of the Marketing and PR strategy of businesses … everyone in business needs to be aware of it and needs to make a decision about how to use it (or not).


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