HR Needs to Understand Social Media

How blogs, wikis and social networks can help and hinder HR strategy 26th September 2007

Details of the above Conference being organised by Symposium Events …              hr-needs-to-understand-social-media.jpg
“Ten years ago the first weblog, or blog, was posted on the internet and the latest surveys show that the number of blogs has now reached over 70 million. It is also likely that half of all American companies will deploy wiki technology by 2009. However, 15% of all businesses are not aware of social media and therefore have no policy on the issue. As more and more employees use social media networks inside and outside of working hours, organisations must prepare for the inevitable transformation of business by it.

While PR and marketing departments are using social media to promote their organisation, HR is not utilising these tools to engage employees and increase knowledge sharing despite the potential of web 2.0 technology and social media to transform how HR operates.

This conference is the UK’s first HR strategy summit focused exclusively on the issues surrounding HR and social media. The programme examines the types of social media available to organisations, the importance of the social media revolution within the HR sphere and it’s relevance to employers, and includes case studies from organisations that utilise the power of wikis, blogs and social networks at work. Lawyers will also be explaining the legal minefield associated with executives blogging about work, and how HR and internal legal teams can respond to this.”


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