Microsoft People Moving Business Awards


“One of the issues facing British business is the successful adoption of mobility solutions by small and medium sized enterprises. The United Kingdom remains behind other European countries in terms of productivity per head, despite the overall efforts put in by the workforce. This suggests the solution to increasing productivity lies in working smarter rather than harder. The implementation of mobile technologies and flexible working practises in small and medium enterprises will allow creative methods to evolve, and allow many workers to enjoy a better work/life balance. I am therefore delighted to support Microsoft’s People Moving Business Awards.”

Margaret Hodge MBE MP, Minister of State for Industry and the Regions

The Microsoft People Moving Business Awards, in partnership with Management Today, the Chartered Management Institute and Business Link, have been created specifically to reward excellence in mobile working wherever it may be found. With a strong focus on people, we will be seeking to recognise the achievements of both individuals and organisations that are really making the most of mobile technologies to boost both productivity and employee and customer satisfaction.

Microsoft’s vision is that it is people first and foremost who make a company successful. With this in mind, we will be looking for winners where both the individual and organisation have reaped benefits, in terms of productivity and customer satisfaction, or work/life balance and professional fulfilment, as a result of mobile working.


Anyone shortlisted for the People Moving Business Awards will have been notified by 31st July 2007…watch this space for an update…


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