Mind Mapping Projects


I have been interested in Mind Mapping as a concept for years but, until recently, couldn’t find a way to easily integrate it into the way I work.

The problem was that I am a very organised, focused, analytical, logical person … I like lists and databases (both of which I create and use extensively). I could never quite understand how people used Mind Maps because I always found myself creating a “list” first (by using Microsoft Outlook – Tasks) and thereafter I would create a Mind Map to represent the list. This seemed “back to front” and against the whole point of Mind Mapping but I couldn’t make myself create the Mind Map first and then turn it into a list – it’s not the way my brain wants to work.

Therefore creating a Mind Map seemed like a duplication of effort rather than a tool to help me.

However, inspite of my “problem”, I have kept an eye on the Mind Mapping market and, in particular, kept a close eye on Illumine Software (who have a comprehensive list of Mind Mapping software) and have now found a solution to my own problem…

MindJet MindMapping 7.0 has a built-in “Outlook Linker” which allows the Mind Map to easily integrate with Outlook features such as Tasks and Appointments. This enables me to work exactly the way I want to work…

…I can now create a Mind Map of a particular project … then, whilst still in the Mind Map, I can add an Outlook Task or Appointment which will be available whether I am in the Mind Map or whether I am only working in Outlook. This has transformed my opinion of “How to Use Mind Maps for Business” … because I can now use the Mind Map to help me to create the “Focus and Vision” aspect of the project whilst simultaneously use Outlook to create the “Detail” of the project.

For anyone who doesn’t use Microsoft Outlook there is also an add-in package available which would achieve the same results for anyone using ACT!




5 Responses to Mind Mapping Projects

  1. Brian says:

    I enjoyed reading your piece about MindManager. I have some posts on my blog that you might enjoy reading. Regards

  2. gaelen says:

    Hello- I came across your post about using MindManager with Microsoft Applications and thought you may also enjoy this recorded webinar about how the two apps integrate:


  3. John Milan says:

    Hi Kaye,

    First off, that is a lovely picture at the top of your blog. If you took that photo, kudos!

    Second, since you are a list oriented person, you may be interested to hear about our IntelliGantt Add In for MindManager that enables you to publish MindManager topics as tasks in a SharePoint task list. Better yet, people can update those SharePoint tasks using only their browsers and their updates are reflected in your map.

    I’d be curious to know what you think!


    Best Regards

  4. Chuck Frey says:

    Kaye, yes the Outlook integration is one of my favorite features of MindManager. Since a growing percentage of the raw materials of my projects is embedded in e-mail messages, it really helps me a lot that MindManager supports this functionality!

    Your readers may be interested in my new mind mapping software e-book: http://mindmap-ebook.com/v2/ and my blog on the same topic: http://mindmapping.typepad.com.

  5. Hi John

    Doesn’t time fly … sorry for the delay in replying … I am very interested in IntelliGant and have had a brief look at your company website today.

    I’ll be in touch. By the way, many congratulations on becoming a SharePoint MVP – that’s a serious achievement. Well done.


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