Skills Pledge

HR Review (emailed to me by Symposium Events) contained the following article today (27 June 2007) about the Skills Pledge (a recommendation from the Leitch Review):-

“A number of Britain’s largest employers are today signing up to a voluntary commitment to provide training for workers.

By signing the Skills Pledge, companies will be agreeing to help employees develop their basic reading and writing abilities and work towards a level two qualification, which is equivalent to five GCSEs.

However, business leaders are concerned that the skills pledge is “not the right way to increase training in the workplace”, arguing that standard qualifications often do not meet employers’ needs.

“They are concerned that the pledge will mean that essential public resources will be diverted away from making the skills infrastructure simpler for employers to navigate in order to make sure that employers sign up to it,” said British Chambers of Commerce director general David Frost.

The Skills Pledge was recommended in the Leitch review and is aiming for 95 per cent of adults to have achieved basic skills by 2020.”

I believe that it is vital for training providers to constantly re-assess their own training “solutions” to ensure that they are hitting the correct balance between what the Employee and the Employer need. Some IT training providers and some NVQ Centres are still providing virtually the same “courses” that they did a few years ago and are still delivering them in the same way they did a few years ago.

I will be launching a new venture in the near future and the current topic on the agenda with my new business partner is the “training solutions” that we will provide. It will be a blend of business-focused IT and Management related topics which we hope will hit the right mark…


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