Idea Mapping – Memorability Factor – Jamie Nast

Jamie Nast - Memorability Factor

For anyone interested in Idea Mapping, I would highly recommend that you watch a webinar by Jamie Nast, available from the MindJet website.


There are two memory tests for you to take, the group results of which really brought home to me WHY it is important to use imagery and colour in any mind maps that I will create.  I have a very good memory (my first result – prior to Jamie describing the Peg Method – was 16/20) but, after Jamie had explained the Peg Method my result was 20/20. 

I avoided using Mind Mapping for a few years because it didn’t feel like it suited me (see earlier post on Mind Mapping) … I am a very linear, list-orientated person.  However, what I discovered a couple of years ago is that I do use both sides of my brain and, whilst, my natural instinct is to use LISTS, I actually remember those lists by “seeing” the items in my mind’s eye.  I visualise almost everything as I read it, hear it, see it… I create images around the text and I now realise how important that visualisation has been in my ability to remember vasts amount of technical information.   I also love art and colour and am always drawn to rows of coloured pens and pencils in any stationery shop … all my filing systems are colour-coded … even my Excel spreadsheets have colour on the TABS of certain sheets!

In Jamie’s webinar she suggests that we should “take risks to be more creative” and I certainly have decided that all future Workshops I deliver (no matter how professional and dignified the audience) will have a mind map (created in MindManager 7 Pro) using imagery and colour.



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