Vision and Detail – stay focused

Harness The Complete Power And Benefits Of Microsoft Office™ 

Do you love Mind Maps but struggle to get your team to share your enthusiasm?    Are you a list-orientated person who, up until now, hasn’t seen a purpose for mindmapping? 

What would it be like if you could create a Mind Map (to stay focused on the VISION) and then export it to, say, Outlook™ or PowerPoint™ or Word™ or Project™ so that your team could work on the DETAIL

How brilliant would that be?  How much time would that save? 


 MindManager 7 Pro can help you make the most of your investment in Microsoft Office, turning once static words, numbers, and graphics into strong calls for action.   

Integrating Microsoft Office with MindManager 7 Pro gives you the power to:  

  • Improve project planning and status reporting with links to Microsoft Project™
  • Present multiple up-to-the-date Microsoft Excel™ spreadsheets in a single view
  • Create, import or export Microsoft Outlook™ items
  • Improve structure and content for Microsoft PowerPoint™ presentations
  • Find the most compelling way to deliver messages using Microsoft Word™
  • Export workflow processes into Microsoft Visio™

Full details available from:


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