Brilliant Business Connections

How powerful networking can transform you and your company’s performance … It’s who you know that really matters

It was pouring with rain today and I had half an hour to kill whilst waiting to be collected from the train station so decided to visit our local library (partly to get out of the rain and partly to see what it was like) as I hadn’t visited it for a few years.  The selection of business books is small but surprisingly up to date.  One book which caught my eye was “Brilliant Business Connections” by Frances Kay …


 Here are a few quotes which stood out:-

“Building relationships requires time, commitment and effort.”

“… developing brilliant business connections … is rather like a treasure hunt.  You never know who you will meet or what you may find out.”

“Networks work best with ‘give and take’.  You only get out what you are prepared to put in.”

“The best networks are information-rich, collaborative, high-trust environments.”

“Enthusiasm is catching.  Being positive is attractive.”

“Networking and selling, however, are like chalk and cheese.  Networking events should be used as a platform to make positive business connections.  You may sell yourself but not your products or services.”

“One of the reasons why networking gets a bad name is because people who do not understand the process abuse it by trying to sell services or products.”

“Set up a monthly reminder note to contact anyone you haven’t seen or spoken to in the last six to eight weeks.  They will appreciate you keeping in touch…. Many people will be amazed that you’ve rung them without any particular reason or ulterior motive attached.”

The above quotes were contained within the first 40 pages – I look forward to reading the remainder of the book as it seems to fit perfectly with my philosophy of getting to know people and doing business with people I like (and who like me).

For anyone who attended the Herts CIPD CASE BBQ in September, the above comments will be largely familiar, from the discussion we shared as part of my brief talk on “What to do with all those Business Cards”.    I personally believe that you have to show GENUINE interest in people; nurture those fledgling relationships, hoping that something good might come of it but not expecting anything; stay in touch and DON’T phone only when you want to sell something; and then just sit back and see what develops …

I read somewhere (can’t recall where just now) that, in business, we should “cultivate and not chase”.   Afterall, if you chase anything, it will run further away …


2 Responses to Brilliant Business Connections

  1. Kaye – very informative post! I am always looking for some good quotes to provide others on the most effective ways to network one’s self. Thanks for recommending the book. I’ll check it out the next time I go to the library.

  2. […] I read another interesting book, back in October 2007, called Brilliant Business Networks … for a review of which see the following Post:- […]

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