New Productivity Pack to integrate MindManager with Microsoft Office

Harness the Complete Power and Benefits of Microsoft Office


The Mindjet Productivity Pack for Microsoft Office provides MindManager 7 users with a detailed guide to maximizing their use of their Microsoft Office productivity tools.

The Productivity Pack includes a whitepaper and seven MindManager maps that explain and illustrate how to use MindManager to:

– Display Microsoft Excel® ranges

– Create Microsoft PowerPoint presentations

– Write compelling Microsoft Word® documents

– Create plans for and present status from Microsoft Project®

– Add and update Microsoft Outlook® events, notes, contacts and tasks from your maps

– Draw Microsoft Visio® org-charts and process flows


I have a considerable interest in the integration of MindManager 7.0 Pro with Microsoft Office and I therefore read the White Paper, entitled “Simplify the Way You Work: Enhancing Microsoft Office with MindManager Pro 7″, with particular interest. 

When I first discovered MindManager 7.0 Pro (in July this year) it was this ease of integration which excited me.  The White Paper opens by saying:

Typical knowledge workers spend approximately one-third of their time searching for and retrieving information. Hours are lost each day scanning email folders, databases, and network directories.   Additional

time is spent re-entering information as well as copying and pasting content. Despite the sophistication of productivity software, it is still difficult to:

– Access and synthesize information from network and desktop systems.

– Connect the dots and take action on the big picture.

– Collaborate with clients and colleagues.

Important data is trapped in information silos and format restrictions imposed by software, rather than integrating ideas in ways that enable you to work smarter, think creatively, and save time.

MindManager Pro 7 removes these obstacles through its integration with Microsoft Office. With its intuitive visual maps, MindManager captures, organizes, and shares information between Microsoft Office applications, but more importantly, with your team. With MindManager, you and your team will spend more time getting things done, and less time hunting for information and fighting the limitations of different information systems.”

Existing Users can download the Productivity Pack (free until October 31) via this link:-  or,  download a 21 day trial copy of MindManager


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