What’s in a name? Mind Mapping / Visual Mapping / Idea Mapping…Information Mapping?

Information Mapping?

I am in the process of launching a new business venture and intend to incorporate “mapping” workshops as part of the solutions available from January 2008.  I firmly believe that the TITLE of a workshop / eBook / seminar / press release etc really matters and I am therefore currently giving this considerable thought.

I personally don’t like the term “mind mapping” because, as a logical, linear, analytical person the term feels “alien” to me but it is a term which people know (eventhough many people pull a funny face when they hear the words) and more than once I have heard  “oh no, mind mapping is not for me; I like lists“.  So, clearly I want to avoid this term so as to not create an initial barrier.  What are my choices?


Idea Mapping … I really like this because it clearly conveys that I will be mapping my ideas.  The concepts within Jamie Nast’s excellent book are so important that I will always include them in the way that I use mapping and I urge you to discover what she has to say – you’ll find my review via this link:-



Visual Mapping … I really like this term because it conveys that I will be mapping visually so this makes me think of “maps” and flowcharts and diagrams of various types.   Please see my post about Wallace Tait’s excellent discussion on this topic.:-



However, although I really like both of the above terms, neither is exactly the message that I want to convey – and, afterall, I want these workshops / seminars to have my stamp on them …

My focus will be on helping businesses to “get more done in less time” and therefore I feel the term “Information Mapping” better describes what I do. 

We are all bombarded with data and information all day long … and I am using mapping software to keep a track of what needs to be done and where I can find that particular piece of information when the time is right.  Furthermore, I am linking the mapping software (MindManager) to Microsoft Office (Outlook, Project etc) to enable me to be able to see the VISION whilst working on the DETAIL and, most importantly, using the map as a visual medium to enable others to see the WHAT, WHERE & WHEN.

I am therefore drawn to the term “information mapping” to describe what I will be doing.  

I would really appreciate some feedback to find out whether you agree that the term “mind mapping” can be a barrier to some people and whether you feel that  “information mapping” gets through that barrier for the purpose described above? 


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