Mindjet Monthly Newsletter (US)

Collaboration with Jamie Nast – Integrating MindManager with Microsoft Outlook

As anyone who has been reading this blog knows, I bought Jamie Nast’s book “Idea Mapping” in August and highly recommend it – there are several posts on this Blog about her work – please select “Jamie Nast” from Categories to see them all.  She has enabled me to allow the creative, imaginative, visionary “Me” to work in harmony with the linear, logical, analytical “Me” and I am enjoying the results.  I have always been an organised person but I am now taking those skills to higher levels.  Thanks Jamie!

You can imagine my pleasure when Jamie asked me if I would be prepared to share some of my Maps for an Article she was writing for the Mindjet Monthly Newsletter (US version) about integrating MindManager 7.0 Pro with Microsoft Office Outlook.  You’ll find the US Newsletter on Mindjet’s website where Jamie’s article explains the maps below … I hope that the maps (and the integration with Microsoft Office Outlook) will inspire some ideas …



Download a free trial copy of MindManager 7.0 Pro 



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