MindManager Office Productivity Pack

… and it’s free to existing Users until 31st October 2007 !

I use Microsoft Office extensively and have done so since 1989 (or thereabouts) but I know that there will always be something to learn … or something to see from someone else’s perspective.  When I first looked at MindManager’s Office Productivity Pack earlier this month (see 17 October), I was looking at it solely from my point of view.  Today I want to re-look at it to see who else it would be useful for…

Do you use Microsoft Office software?


If so, MindManager 7.0 Pro could really assist you by making it the “hub” of your interactions with various Microsoft packages.  The Productivity Pack contains a useful, straightforward Map outlining the various applications that MindManager 7.0 Pro integrates with and the benefits that it can help you achieve.  For anyone who believes that MindManager would be useful for others in their company but is struggling to convey the message to colleagues, this and other Maps could help.  It focuses on the benefits of the integration with each of the various packages rather than the features themselves, making it a useful tool for anyone trying to explain why they want to introduce “mapping” software more widely in their company.

White Paper

The Pack also contains a well written White Paper, entitled, “Simplify the Way You Work” which opens by saying…

This white paper explores the benefits of integrating Mindjet MindManager Pro 7 with Microsoft Office.

MindManager Pro 7 integrates with Microsoft Office in three ways—it shares Office 2007’s new user interface, it supports attaching or linking Office documents to maps, and it can import and export data between MindManager and Office applications.

Because MindManager can pull in and exchange data from Office, it simplifies your work and serves as your Microsoft Office productivity hub.”

It then includes very useful step-by-step How To sections for each of the following applications:-


The How To’s are clear and straightforward and would benefit very many Users.   However, what I liked the most was the narrative text supporting each How To … many of the paragraphs could be used to explain the benefits of MindManager as a “Hub” for Microsoft Office.

“MindManager’s integration with Microsoft Office transforms the world’s most popular business toolset into much more than the sum of its parts, and Mindjet MindManager helps you and your organization reap all benefits the integration creates.

Because of the integration of MindManager and Microsoft Office, you will work smarter, think creatively, and save time, everyday…”

 Maps to visually show you HOW TO

Well you’d expect nothing else, would you?  In addition to the White Paper, the Productivity Pack contains a separate Map of HOW TO integrate with each of the Microsoft Applications.  This alone is worth getting the Pack for because it will either generate ideas or it will enable you to discuss the possiblities with colleagues.


Would I buy the Productivity Pack?

Yes, because it contains a good all round overview of how you can gain extra benefit from your existing Microsoft Office applications by using MindManager 7.0 Pro as a “knowledge hub”, in a way that will help you explain the concept to others plus it contains straightforward, easy to follow, HOW TO instructions for each application.  So, I wouldn’t hesitate to buy it.

Mind you, seeing as it’s free to existing users until 31st October, I’d recommend that you do as I did – get it FREE

Download a 21-day free trial of MindManager 7.0 Pro – and then buy it before 31st October so that you can download your FREE Productivity Pack


Mindjet say “Because of the integration of MindManager and Microsoft Office, you will work smarter, think creatively, and save time, everyday…” and I truly believe that to be the case.  I am a Microsoft Master Instructor and consider myself to be a Productivity Specialist and I know that by integrating the two M’s together (Microsoft & Mindjet) it truly is a case of the sum being greater than the two parts.  Mind you, anyone who has been reading this blog will know, I won’t ever create a map again without remembering the words of wisdom in Jamie Nast’s book “Idea Mapping” … I consider her ideas to be the key …


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