Online Event Management software

If you want to organise an Event but don’t have a huge team to co-ordinate everything, it will be vital to make the very best use of online event management software currently available.

I have recently discovered rsvpBook and would love to hear from anyone who has practical experience of using this software OR any other online event management software … rsvpBOOK


Some of the features which appeal to me are:

E-mail messaging:
Send e-mail invites, reminders and custom messages to your list
Resend invites to addresses not yet registered
E-mail confirmations and receipts are sent automatically to guests
Receive e-mail (or not) each time someone registers for your event
Receive notification when you approach your maximum # of registrants

Online Payment Processing with Reporting:
Accept online payments through your own PayPal account
Or, connect directly to your own merchant account
Include item thumbnail pictures and popup enlargements
View and download sales by item, group and customer
View transaction data for any date range
Set up Promo Codes to track your advertising
Offer early-bird discounts, manage inventory and use start/stop-selling dates

Sessions and Tracks with Reporting:
Set up an unlimited number of sessions; require attendance, or not
Specify title, speaker, description, room, dates, times, audience
View and download attendee lists; send reminders-to-attend to session attendees
Set maximum number of attendees per session, automatic wait-lists
Move wait-listed attendees to the in-list
Move attendees from one session to another with auto e-mail confirmation
Print out session itineraries, one page per person – hand out at the door

Post-Event Services:
Post images and documents for downloads after your event
Send a guest survey after your event
Sell items after your event has occurred – tapes and CDs of speakers

There are various packages, at different price points, including a free trial so that you can try it before committing yourself.  I’d love to hear from anyone who has used this software to arrange any event from a small workshop to a huge multi-sessional conference.


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