The CRM User Group

January 29, 2008


 22 February 2008, Microsoft, London

The CRM user group will be holding another meeting at the Microsoft Offices in London on the 22nd Feb featuring…

  • Microsoft CRM Case Study including links to Map Point
  • Pearls of Wisdom from the First Month of Working with CRM V4
  • Q&A on CRM V4 including members of Microsoft’s CRM Team.

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Technology for Marketing & Advertising Show

January 29, 2008


 The Technology for Marketing & Advertising Show is almost upon us.  See you there? 

 Full details from the following link:

The Networking Whistleblower

January 21, 2008

I have had the privilege of knowing John Donnelly for several years and am delighted to see that he will be delivering a Workshop for EveryWoman all about networking, entitled “The Networking Whistle Blower”. 

The event is fully funded ( so it’s FREE to Women in the East of England ) and booking is straightforward via an online booking form (using RSVPBook which I reviewed last year).  Whilst I know John personally I have not attended this particular workshop before and have therefore booked to attend in March and will provide a review afterwards. 


Who is John Donnelly (for the uninitiated)?
John is a sort of cross between Bill Bailey and a Mancunian Sir John Harvey Jones. He is an innovative, motivational and inspirational speaker presenting his own original research. And he is the driving force behind Learning Point, the IoD’s record breaking Big Breakfast Added Cholesterol Club, The Bosses Club and The Rainmaker Makers.John says that his “Humour has to be ‘built-in’ and not just ‘bolt-on’ so that whilst you’re laughing you’re learning”.
He really works with the audience and his interactive demonstrations always score high on the chuckle-o-meter. With John you get great entertainment and never, ever the same-old-same-old ideas. “There must be absolutely no S.O.B.O.s (Statements Of the Bleep Obvious)” he added with a huge grin.

“Inspiration and Motivation have to survive the delegates’ journey home” says John “So I try to create more Ah Ha Moments than you can shake a stick at. I want to inspire people in the way that the amazing and generous RainMakers we studied inspired us”.




Details of Events via the EveryWoman website:

27 Feb 2008 (Knebworth House, Knebworth, Hertfordshire)
18 Mar 2008 (The Cambridge Belfry, Cambourne, Cambridgeshire)
This workshop breaks down the art of networking and shows you the winning strategies for doing business in non-traditional sectors. Learn more about female networking advantages and how to win access and trust at the highest levels.

You will be shown techniques such as ‘Charisma Polishing’ and the ‘Feminine Side Leadership Principle’ that will enable you to improve your networking skills.

If you are looking to raise the profile of you or your organisation and ultimately increase sales, then this is the workshop for you!

Who should attend?
This workshop is perfect for women looking to improve their personal development and business skills. Particularly:
– women working in small businesses
– women working in non-traditional industries such as construction, science, technology, sport and leisure
– women in family firms supporting their husband / partner or other family members in their business


09.30 Registration
10.00 Workshop begins
16.00 Workshop closes

Funded places

The standard fee for this workshop is usually £295 but thanks to funding from Exemplas, we are delighted to offer it to women living or working in the East of England at no charge.

Fully funded training with such a fantastic course leader is a rare opportunity so please register now in order to guarantee your place and ensure you don’t miss out.


I once said “spend time with this man” and I truly meant it … see you there!

Listen … Pause … Answer …

January 21, 2008

Three Skills to Improve Conversation
By: Brian Tracy

One key to becoming a great conversationalist is to pause before replying. A short pause, of three to five seconds, is a very classy thing to do in a conversation. When you pause, you accomplish three goals simultaneously.

The Benefits of Pausing
First, you avoid running the risk of interrupting if the other person is just catching his or her breath before continuing.

Second, you show the other person that you are giving careful consideration to his or her words by not jumping in with your own comments at the earliest opportunity.

The third benefit of pausing is that you will actually hear the other person better. His or her words will soak into a deeper level of your mind and you will understand what he or she is saying with greater clarity. By pausing, you mark yourself as a brilliant conversationalist.

Ask Questions
Another way to become a great conversationalist is to question for clarification. Never assume that you understand what the person is saying or trying to say. Instead, ask, “How do you mean, exactly?”This is the most powerful question I’ve ever learned for controlling a conversation. It is almost impossible not to answer. When you ask, “How do you mean?” the other person cannot stop himself or herself from answering more extensively. You can then follow up with other open-ended questions and keep the conversation rolling along.


I consider this such excellent advice but the first person who told me to do this was not Brian Tracy (as great as his Quotes of the Day are) but my colleague, friend and “Guru” John Donnelly.  Thanks John!

 Why not attend his FREE Workshop – The Networking Whistle Blower – and see for yourself…


Visual Project Maps for PRINCE2

January 20, 2008


Visual Project Maps™ for PRINCE2™ has been developed by Visual Technology Solutions Limited to help address the need for a more user-friendly and flexible way to manage the documentation and control of PRINCE2™ Projects, whether they are small, one day projects or larger projects that run into months or even years.


Click for larger image

By creating an environment where the project team are effectively working within the PRINCE2™ method, project members have easy access and visibility of project information, while they are subconsciously reinforcing their knowledge of the method.

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With the ability to easily edit or change project properties as well as produce project data in various formats, Visual Project Maps™ for PRINCE2 can turn managing your PRINCE2™ projects into a more enjoyable and rewarding activity.

Click for larger image

Visual Project Maps™ for PRINCE2™ is available in two editions; one with OGC content and one without OGC content.

The edition with OGC content has over 85% of the official content from the “Managing Successful Projects with PRINCE2” handbook re-produced under licence from the Office of Government Commerce.

For full details visit their website:-


Mindjet® MindManager® Pro 7 is software that helps to engage and align people to work smarter, think creatively and save time by visually capturing, organizing and communicating ideas and information effectively. Now with a simple graphical user interface designed for rapid documentation of ideas and information, users can easily capture ideas generated in planning and brainstorming sessions and enhance them with information stored across the enterprise.


Click here to download a FREE trial copy of MindManager Pro 7

The International Congress for Project, Programme and Risk management

January 19, 2008


6th – 7th February 2008 – The Millennium Gloucester Hotel, London

This inaugural event is hosted by the Best Practice User Group (BPUG) and supported by the Office of Govenment Commerce (OGC), The Stationery Office (TSO) and The APM Group.