Photographer in Hertfordshire

You don’t know if you don’t ask… and you won’t ask unless you take time out for a chat…

I have made a deliberate effort to get to know the people around me even better in 2008 and today demonstrated just why it’s so important to take time to have a coffee and NOT discuss business with business contacts, every now and again. 


I have known Paul for a couple of years and he is a close friend of someone I have known for several years and yet, only today, over a cup of coffee whilst waiting to meet with someone else, did I discover that he is an extremely talented photographer.  What perfect timing as I currently need to have some professional photos taken!

My advice to everyone is to take 5 minutes out of each busy working day to have a non-business chat with every business contact you meet because you never know what you’ll discover … if nothing else it will strengthen and deepen your relationship and, if you are able to help them in any small way, it will give you a good feeling inside.

So, if you, like me, are in need of a talented photographer (based in Hertfordshire) then please contact Paul and tell him that Kaye says hello…



One Response to Photographer in Hertfordshire

  1. Paul has just created his own Blog which you will find on my Blogroll…

    “Photographer – Paul Simister”

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