Brilliant Networking


Brilliant Networking by Steven D’Souza – “What the best networkers know, do and say”

ISBN 978-0-273-71494-2

 I recently read this paperback and can highly recommend it.  I consider myself a competent networker and found that I was instinctively already doing many of the things mentioned.  However, there were some valuable resources mentioned and I also benefitted from the interactive nature of the book where I had to reflect on where I am and where I want to be.  Well worth purchasing (just £5.99 from Amazon).  One of the areas of mutual interest is Steven D’Souza’s reference to having an appropriate “follow-up” system which is a topic I cover in my workshop entitled  “What to do with all those business cards” which I shall be delivering from April 2008.

Here are some of the quotes which I highlighted:-

“Networking is more than just the exchange of business cards.  Networking is developing relationships which can support you, and in which you can provide support to others, in every area of life.”

“Networking is the art of building reciprocal relationships that help individuals and the community as a whole to achieve their goals.”

“Brilliant networkers realise that the more diverse reciprocal relationships they have the more they can benefit from potential options and opportunties.”

“Brilliant networkers know trust is built on reciprosity – simply giving and receiving.  By being genuinely attentive to the needs of others, they build win/win relationships that are the basis of success.”

“Brilliant networkers … have a clear idea of what they want to gain from the activities they do.”

“People are drawn to others who have a clear mission, purpose or vision. … It is the ’cause’ that engages people and captivates them.”

“Brilliant networkers are generally curious people. While some are experts in their field they often have a wide range of interests and friends, and are well read.  This enables them to start and maintain conversations on a wide range of topics.”

“One of the key qualities of brilliant networkers is that they have an ‘abundance mentality’.  They give of themselves and this giving then attracts a form of repayment, or reciprocity. … successful networkers …. give knowing that sometimes they will not get, but they still enjoy the feeling of giving and do it anyway.  Their generosity of spirit encourages others to be generous also.”

Lord Bilimoria CBE DL, Founder and Chief Executive, Cobra Beer

“We all know the old saying “knowledge if power” – but what is too often forgotten is that who you know is every bit as important as what you know.  Contacts and relationships can be crucial, and developing your network is among the most important aspects of business”

“This is the essence of networking and the importance of connecting with people: it isn’t about having a drawer full of business cards or meeting that one-off contact who can get you something.  It’s about building strong, long-lasting friendships and relationships.”

Mapping your Networks

I was pleased to see that Steven D’Souza advocates the use of Mindjet’s MindManager to create maps of networking contacts because this is exactly how I have been keeping track of my networks since August 2007. 


“MindManager is rich in features that allow you to add text notes, hyperlinks, colour, visual effects and relationship links. You can then also search by filter, colour, icon, etc. This is very powerful and allows you to interrogate and navigate complex networks with relative ease and, most importantly, it is customised for you.  You can also export your map to Microsoft Office software … at the click of a button.  The possibilities are virtually limitless.”

Download a free 21-day trial copy of MindManager Pro 7


I read another interesting book, back in October 2007, called Brilliant Business Connections … for a review of which see the following Post:-


Further details of “Brilliant Networking” is available via the author’s website:


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