A Whole New Mind

A Book which is on my “I must read that List” is Daniel Pink’s A Whole New Mind and I was therefore interested to read an article in People Management’s 3 April issue.

“For most of the past century the world belonged to these knowledge workers – to people who could crunch numbers, think analytically and acquire and use theoretical knowledge.  But the future belongs to a different kind of person, with a different kind of mind – to artists, inventors, designers and storytellers.  We are moving away from an economy built on the logical, linear, analytical capabilities associated with the left hemisphere of the brain, to one that is based on inventive, empathetic ‘right-brain’ abilities.”

“So what exactly are we all supposed to do in order to thrive in what I like to describ e as the conceptual age?  After spending the past several years looking into this questions, I’ve identified six key right-brain aptitudes that we need to master to complement our left-brain thinking – to help us become, in other words, whole-minded.  These “six senses” – design, story, symphony, empathy, play and meaning – are not new…but…we’ve lost the knack of telling stories, seeing the big picture or empathising with the people around us.”

Daniel Pink will be leading a masterclass at this month’s HRD 2008 conference, the CIPD’s learning and development event.

I’d love to hear from anyone who has either read the book or who attends the above masterclass.


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