Web 2.0 and HR: a discussion paper

CIPD’s magazine “People Management” (10 July) has a short article about the above discussion paper (by Graeme Martin, Martin Reddington and Mary Beth Kneafsey) which I think is well worth reading.


“This discussion paper has been written to encourage personal reflection and debate among the HR community about the way newer web-based technologies are influencing HR and people management. Although at an early stage, a family of powerful web-based technologies are being adopted by organisations to:

  • encourage greater collaboration
  • give customers and employees greater voice
  • help them learn about each other and, in an HR context, potential employees
  • share their knowledge and experiences.

Like every form of technology, however, there are unresolved issues, challenges and degrees of risk associated with each stage of the innovation process, which includes the adoption, diffusion and exploitation of Web 2.0 for both commercial and non-commercial ends. Perhaps more than any other managerial function, HR professionals need to be aware of these opportunities and challenges and be able to contribute effectively as members of a senior management team to policies on Web 2.0.”


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