Lest We Forget … The Last Fighting Tommy

November 11, 2007


Yesterday I ordered “Lest We Forget” by Max Arthur and “The Last Fighting Tommy”, written by Harry Patch, who is now 109 and who is the only surviving veteran of the Trenches of WWI.  He was in attendance at the Royal British Legion Festival of Rememberance broadcast on the BBC last night and I have just seen him speak on the BBC in a recorded interview, at the opening to the Rememberance Service … his eloquence was touching. 

Most of us won’t become 109 years old and most of us will never have to endure what he did …  


There is more about Harry Patch on the BBC’s website : http://www.bbc.co.uk/history/worldwars/wwone/last_tommy_gallery_03.shtml

My interest is not about War (and the rights or wrongs of any particular conflict) but about the lives of real people who endured (and continue to endure) real suffering and hardship and I hope that anyone who can, will support the Poppy Appeal whether by giving of money or by giving their time or both… 




Harry’s companions gave their lives during 1914-1918 in “The War to end all Wars” but the British Legion is needed now just as much as when it was founded because, in 2007, we still have people losing their lives on active service in Iraq and Afghanistan.  My personal views about the war in Iraq do not stop me wanting to support the Poppy Appeal because each Poppy purchased both remembers the dead (and wounded) and helps those left behind and those left permanently wounded.

Lest We Forget…