The Internet, Anywhere … Is PocketSurfer2 the answer?

October 11, 2007

Do you need Internet access and a QWERTY keyboard and a decent sized screen?

I have been looking for a PDA or Smartphone for what seems like ages but nothing really ticked all the boxes for me.  I currently make do with a powerful laptop and a nifty, small, Smartphone but I am still in the market for something which will enable me to access the internet which is small enough to easily carry around AND which is big enough to easily type emails.


Have I found the answer in the PocketSurfer2?

In the UK it is currently available via Amazon and will be available from John Lewis from the end of October 2007.  I contacted Datawind for further information who replied:

PocketSurfer2 is a dedicated Internet browser that enables the web surfing experience is seen just as it is at home or work, in its original format, with the original layout and full graphics in seconds.  There is no mobile phone functionality.  The device uses the Orange network. PocketSurfer2’s larger screen delivers an experience similar to that of the desktop through a full VGA-width, 640-pixel, color screen, compared to 320 pixels on most PDA’s and 120 pixels on most wireless phones. A full backlit “QWERTY” thumb keyboard allows for fast data entry, while lithium rechargeable battery keeps the device powered through active usage for up to 5 hours (5 days standby). You can enjoy the internet for surfing any website (BBC, Yahoo, Google, MSN), GPS (location based service) , News, Stocks, Online banking/ Trading, Remote PC access, Maps, IM (Chatting) and do much more which conventional hand held Web Access devices like Blackberry and Treo’s have failed to deliver.

PocketSurfer2 is priced at £179.99 in UK. This incredibly low price includes 20 hours per month usage extended over 1year. Should you need more hours on this unit there is a unlimited usage per month and that would cost £5.99per month. At this price and the access to Mobile Internet anywhere anytime, you are looking at applications which one can never get on any PDA at this price even in near future. Once outside the UK roaming charges do apply. This can be done by calling Customer Services who will be happy to activate you device for roaming. Currently the charge for roaming is £14.99/hours chargeable in one minute increments.”


There is a review in PC Advisor (November 2007 edition) but they were only able to review a pre-release version.  Has anyone used one yet?  If so, I would love to hear from you …