Kaye Nightingale


Kaye Nightingale is a Microsoft Master Instructor and NVQ Assessor who has developed a reputation for being technically-minded but people-focused and specialises in helping busy people achieve more in less time.  She is inspired by IT and aims to inspire others with IT by showing them how to increase their productivity and work more efficiently and more effectively and is now considered to be a productivity specialist.

Her journey to learn “everything about Microsoft software” started in 1989 and is still ongoing.  In 2005 she became an MMI (Microsoft Master Instructor) – one of only approx. 100 in the UK and is currently working towards the new exams for Office 2007 to enable her to become one of the first UK-based MCASI (Microsoft Certified Application Specialist Instructors).  The more she learns the more she needs to learn and yet, she still remembers what it was like at the beginning and is therefore able to convey her knowledge to people of all levels; a talent which she believes is a gift rather than anything she has learnt.  She takes a complex subject and de-mystifies it gaining great personal satisfaction from sharing her knowledge with others.


Kaye has always been inspired by IT and thrives on finding ever quicker ways to achieve solutions to business problems.  There is no point knowing the ins and outs of a software if you don’t know HOW to apply that knowledge to something useful and business-focused.  She concentrates on listening to people (so that she can apply her knowledge to help them with their problems) rather than talking.  So many trainers wrongly appear to spend their time talking about features and functions rather than listening to what the client actually needs help with.

Every year brings new software.  In 2007 Kaye started to really get to grips with Mindjet’s MindManager 7.0 which has dramatically improved her own personal productivity and efficiency.  Her aim for 2008 is to become the only Microsoft Master Instructor who is also a MindManager 7.0 Certified Trainer so that she can help people get the most out of these packages which integrate so well together.


In 2008 Kaye will be establishing a new business which will focus on helping businesses improve productivity and efficiency by making the best use of Microsoft Office and Mindjet’s MindManager.

Group Memberships:-

* Microsoft Office User Group

* Microsoft Dynamics CRM User Group

* Groove User Group

* SharePoint User Group

* Live Meeting User Group

* Vista Squad

* Excel User Group

What others have kindly said…

“I have been completedly inspired by a number of things you have said to me during the period we have worked together.  Thank you for sharing your vision for your new company with me last time we spoke.  In real life I am not easily impressed but I need to tell you lady, you are one impressive individual with amazing brainpower.  It’s a pleasure to work with you.”  [Donald Sweeting]

“Kaye is caring, totally professional, self effacing and a cracking coach who never let’s her own agenda get in the way of doing a great job for her clients. An amazing font of Microsoft expertise totally subservient to clients’ needs … please take note Mr Gates … great fun to work with … an unreserved recommendation” [John Donnelly]

Blog: https://kayenightingale.wordpress.com


One Response to Kaye Nightingale

  1. chris edge says:

    Kaye, good to meet you at the Richmond Group, excellent session, thank you

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